Do you rent your sidecar rigs?
No. We are strictly a motorcycle sidecar touring company. Every tour given is equipped with a licensed, experienced, professional driver. At no point in time do our passengers get to drive the motorcycles.
Frequently Asked Questions
How many passengers can ride on a sidecar?
One. Each sidecar has a professional tour guide driver. The sidecars are comfortable and will accommodate one (1) adult. There is room for an average sized daypack or bag.
How old must one be to ride?
We do not recommend children under the age of 8. We have had riders as old as 88.
Are there weight limitations?
Yes. We ask that no one over 250 pounds rides in the sidecar.
Is JTST open year round?
Yes. We accept reservations all year (weather permitting).
What should I wear for my sidecar tour?
We suggest you wear closed toe, sturdy shoes (no flip-flops) and long pants. We also suggest you leave your jewelry behind.

What is the cost of a sidecar tour?
Choose from our tour packages starting at $130/bike.
Additional questions? Call or Text (570) 249 -1570